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Family Tree - Willow Tree

Family Tree - Willow Tree

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Planting the Future

A Wonderful cricket themed gift for a Budding Future Cricketer, helping sustain the future of Willow Supply in the UK.

Invest in a cricket bat willow tree and in 15 years time we will turn it into the wonderful gift of a handmade cricket bat. The tree will be grown on one of our plantations, you will receive a certificate of validation and the co-ordinates so that you can track it's progress as it grows from sapling to maturity. When it is ready the tree will be felled and turned into clefts. Once dry the timber will be manufactured into a bat to your exact specifications.

We think that this is a fantastic way to invest in a future child's love of the game.

Brought to you by Lionheart Cricket

*Limited to just 10 trees each year

**Planting season is between January and the end of March each year

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